[ Corporate Socail Responsibility(CSR) Policy ]
Environment Health Safety(E.H.S) & Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) Policy Declaration:

PANJIT International Inc., established In 1986, mainly manufactures diodes, semiconductors and related products since 1993. With the Spirit of "Innovation, Development, Responsibility, and Sustainability", the Company is determined to actively promote and continuously improve EHS and CSR. We also devoteourselves as the citizen of the planet and a member of the Global Greens. We hereby declare as the following:
1. For the purpose of ensuring that Industrial waste, waste gas, waste water, and harmful substance discharged in workplace comply with the regulation, we shall abide by the E.H.S. regulations, substantiate prevention of pollution and reduction of industrial waste, acquire more E.H.S. disposition facility, and improve environment and workplace. We hold the guidance of continual surveillance and better effectiveness of control system, as well as the essence of continual improvement.
2. To promote Movement of Green Product for Global Environment, we shall implement energy saving, recycle and reuse.
3. To ensure safety, health and rights of employees, suppliers, contractors and visitors, we provide timely helpful health programs, uphold freedom of employees to form associations and negotiate as a group, and forbid any form of compulsion, coercion, discrimination and sexual harassment.
4. Promote knowledge of E.H.S. control system to employees and associated personnel through training. Establish consensus of E.H.S., moral code of conduct and responsibility, and make it public.