Compensation and Benefits

People are our most important assets, thus we offer a comprehensive compensation and benefits. We believe that treating employees as a partner and sharing the company performance is a right thing.
• Compensation and Benefits
  Apart of the fixed salary, we also offer various bonus programs (such as quarterly performance bonuses, year-end bonuses and employee profit sharing bonus, etc.) to reward employees who have performance excellence and contributes to the success of the company. The payout is based on profitability, employees' contribution, and performance against corporate-defined goals.
• Employee Benefits
  We continually review and improve the employee benefits to be conformable to employee’s needs. For example in Taiwan, the benefits includes:
  ※ Consummated Insurance:
  In addition to statutory labor insurance, national health insurance and monthly pension contribution, we also provide life insurance and disease insurance for better protection of employee’s life.
  ※ Consummated health Programs:
  We care about employee’s physical and mental health. We offer a health program better than the statutory package such like the annual health check program to help each employee control well health, and according to the health check result to implement several health education and other health promotion programs. In addition, we have free medical consultations from an in-house doctor, to provide professional medical advice and service.
  ※ On job training:
  We encourage all employees to continuous personal growth. We not only provide scholarships for employees who have excellent academic achievements, but also through industry-academic cooperation program with national universities to support employee continuous growth in professional skill. In addition, we have developed a comprehensive training program to enable every employee continued to grow and learn.
  ※ Diverse leisure activities:
  We offer annual tourism package and encourage the club activities for make employee’s work-life balanced. The welfare committee also provide funding annually to club activities for ensure the employee bring family members participate the club activities after work.
  ※ High-quality working environment:
  We provide a comfortable working environment; we regularly check the working environment illumination and measure the indoor air quality. We also have set up a coffee shop, audio-visual entertainment room, reading room and billiard room for employees.