The declaration of the quality/ hazardous substance management policy:

PANJIT's policy is to engage the manufacturing business by complying with "Proudly serve satisfaction".

In order to fulfil the the quality principle of "Quality First", PANJIT has set up a set of effective and preventable quality/ hazardous substance management system based on ISO9001&IATF16949 and IECQ QC080000 management system, which all staff should follow. We also committ to continuously improve the effectiveness, efficiency and performance of the management system. We declare to achieve the objective of quality/ hazardous substance management by this management system.

The objective of quality/ hazardous substance management:

  1. Control Intensification: According to the threshold standard of the product and hazardous substance, to monitor and improve the key performance continuously.
  2. Cost Reduction: By controling the quality, non-conforming product could be prevent and reduced, as well as the failure cost of quality.
  3. Quality Enhancement: According to quality management system, well execute each operation of every stages, and comply with quality requirements to reduce and forbid hazardous substance.
  4. Just-In-Time: To strengthen the control of delivery time and throughly execute the customer-orientated management.
Quality, Hazardous Substance Management Policy: Proudly serve satisfaction
Quality, Hazardous Substance Management Principle: Quality First
Quality, Hazardous Substance Management Objective: Control Intensification, Cost Reduction, Quality Enhancement, Just-In-Time
PANJIT commits to provide satisfaction to customers. In order to do so, we cautiously design and qualify our products, and continously improve through customer's feedback.
PANJIT has passed the following certificates :
System QS 9000 ISO 14001 ISO 9001 TS 16949 IATF 16949 ESD S20.20 OHSAS
QC 080000
SA 8000
Kaohsiung 1997 2019 2018 2015 2018 2019 2019 2017 2017
Wuxi ------- 2018 2018 2015 2018 ------- 2018 2017 -------
Pynmax ------- 2017 2018 2016 2018 ------- 2017 ------- -------
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