PANJIT provides Low/Medium/High voltage MOSFET to match various of circuit structures, and by combining the applied product design and Panjit's packaging experience, we could offer customized product.

PANJIT develops a series of low-voltage MOSFET products in different packages; BVDSS 20V ~ 50V is suitable for notebook, tablet PCs, motherboards and other 3C products; by combining the Trench structure wafer and packaging technology, our product can provide low on-resistance and improve product performance.

PANJIT's Medium Voltage MOSFET has BVDSS 60V ~ 200V and uses Trench technology to improve the product characteristic; the Medium Voltage MOSFET is often used for synchronous rectification circuit and mainly used in consumer electronic products such as power supplies, telecommunications power systems.

Apart of using advance high-performance cellular density designing, PANJIT's Power MOSFET products has lower conduction losses and switching losses.

BVDSS 400 ~ 1000V can be used for AC-DC power supply in chargers, home appliances, industrial equipment and a variety of LED lighting equipment; in addition, to ensure the product performance, PANJIT has 100% tested the the Avalanche Energy.