Diode Rectifier

PANJIT provides various type of Rectifer including General Purpose, Fast recovery, Ultra Fast recovery and Super Fast Recovery Rectifer. These tyep are distinguished according to the TRR value 

Panjit's Small Signal Switching Diodes has super fast TRR and low CJ characteristic, which is suitable to be used on rectification circuite of the signal

VRRM=50V~2000V, IO=0.2A~10A. Generally applied to bridge rectification circuit and VCC rectifier circuit

VRRM=50V~1000V, IO=1A~6A, TRR=150ns~500ns. Generally used in applications such as Snubber/VCC rectification

VRRM=50V~1300V, IO=1A~20A, TRR=50ns~100ns. Generally used in secondary rectification and VCC rectifier

VRRM=50V~800V, IO=1A~30A, TRR=25ns~50ns. Generally used in secondary rectification and PFC rectifier

VRRM=300V~1200V, IO=4A~60A. Generally used inPFC Rectifier; 

Panjit's FRED can be categorized in to three type: Standar, Low VF and Low Trr, therefore we can provide the FRED products respectively according the different operation mode of the PFC