PANJIT's Schottky Rectifier provides low forward voltage losses which can improve the power efficiency and low leackage current to improve the stability of the reliability.

Schottky Diodes with rating under 1A. Applied to signal controller or rectification products.

Schottky Rectifier with rating 1A and higher which is used in switching rectification application in power products.

The H type Schotty provides low IR, and the Tj is able to sustain to 175℃. This type of Schottky provides exteremly low reverse current, low power dissipation and can sustain higher voltage which dramaticly improves the reliability quality and prevents the thermal runaway problem during high operating temperature.

A new type Schottky offering a better choice. This type of Schottky provides an extremely low Forward Voltage to decrease the breakdown current.

It is a new Schottky which can assist customer to comply with the Energy Star standard.

Parameter General
Super Fast
Brearkdown Voltage (VRRM) High High Low Low
Reverse Leakage Current (IR) Low Low Medium Very Low
Forward Voltage (VF) High High High Very Low
Reverse Recovery Time (Trr) Slow Fast Very Fast  Fast
Thermal Immunity High High Low High