Management Team and Functions

Position Name Responsibilities
General Manager FANG,MING-CHING 1. Report to Board of Directors,implement Board of Directors strategic
     decision to achieve the business goals.
2.Planning and construction company's long-term roadmap and vision,
    management Philosophy and core values, such as a competitive 
    culture, leading the company profitable and sustainable operation.
3.Create the best benefit for customers, shareholders, employee
    and suppliers.
4.To co-ordinate each department's work and integration company
    current situation and future needs to grasp the development
    direction, leading the overall strategic development plan.
5.Implement effective management of the company, to co-ordinate
    important development plans related to the operation.To allocate
    resources appropriately such as people , things and material in order
    to maximize the effectiveness and enhance the value of their
    departments and staff.
Vice President ZI,CHONG-XING 1.With the company's vision and the spread of business , develop the  new products  to  create best profits.
2.Enhance to controling the qulity of products, integrating with the resource of each plant to achivement the best satisfaction with client and reducing the relapse probility of quality abnormality.
Vice President WANG, CHEN FENG 1.Planning regional sales strategy.
2.Managing the agent and account executive.
3.Regional technology, customer service suport and customer
   compliant handling.
Assistant General Manager WANG,HAI CHENG To coordinate China region funds with the headquarter to create best cash flow management profit. And establish a effective accounting system; assist the development of human resources in Wuxi factory and make appropriate arrangement to improve human efficiency.
Chief Accounting Officer HSIEH, PAI CHEN Over all planning group's consolidate financial analysis report, and establish a perfection accounting system. To create unlimited value by properly using limited funds or resources.
Assistant General Manager YOU,CING SIANG 1.Coordinate new product's application and promotion , and Cross-
    Departmental negotiation to ensure the new products comply with 
    the new  market applications.
2.Supervising the FAEs and Sales Team promote proactively .
3.Improvement on the product technological ability of FAEs.
Assistant General Manager YU, HSIN CHIEH 1. As a contact window with authority in charge of securities.
2. Promotion of internal control and internal audit system, development and implementation.
Assistant General Manager CAI,YAO MING With the company's long term roadmap and vision, develop the production plan to appropriate use resource of manufacturing and coordination with other departments in order  to maximize efficiency, improve productivity and quality.
Assistant General Manager CHEN, HUNG YUAN Control and monitor the investment entity, and assess the new investment opportunities, business analysis, and various industrial processes and procedure management.
Chief Financial Officer SHEN, YING HSIU 1. Assist the company's vision of sustainable operation, to plan the
    proper sources of company funds with the optimal financial structure.
2. To make proper arrangement of resources of the parent company, to
    assist and monitor the status of the subsidiaries' financial ratios to
    ensure sound financial structure.